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Courses from other faculties & minors

  • Courses outside our Faculty


    As student of our Faculty, you can participate in (separate) courses at other faculties/universities. Please be aware: you cannotparticipate in a University minor for your degree certificate.


    Check the entry requirements and registration procedure at the faculty/university of your choosing. Some faculties might request a statement from the Board of Examiners in which they give permission to participate in that specific course. Please keep in mind when applying for the course that this extra step will cost time.

    If you want to have this course listed as optional and/or extracurricular course in your programme, you need to apply for approval from the Board of Examinersbeforeyou participate in such course. If there is no room for optional courses in your programme, you can add the courses in the section ‘extra-curricular courses’.

    You can do so by registering your full list of courses inProgress(Enrolments RUG – Faculty of Law – Application degree certificate). Please keep the requirements of your degree programme with regard to optional courses in mind when choosing such a course. In the bachelor a course should be bachelor (2ndor 3rdyear) or M4-level; in the master a course should be M4 or M5 level. Such courses can be added to your list of courses in the section ‘extracurricular credits’.

    Last modified: 21-7-20023

  • Minors for Law students


    It isnotpossible to take a minor when you are participating in a Bachelor of Laws programme.

    It is possible to participate (under certain conditions) in courses from other faculties and have these approved as optional courses. The courses should be post-propaedeutic in such cases.

    For more information, please check the item ‘courses outside our Faculty’.

    Last update: 21-7-2023

  • Minors

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