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Pursue two LLMs simultaneously

(Image: In today's job market, having two LLMs is better than one)

LLM students/applicants at the University of Groningen are now able to pursue two LLMs simultaneously, resulting in graduation with two distinctive degrees instead of one. The duration of studies takes 1.5 years (in general) instead of the typical one year to complete a single LLM programme. It is possible to pursue combination of two of the current LLM tracks:*

The most popular combination is:

About pursuing two LLMs simultaneously

Degrees awarded
Students are awarded a distinctive LLM for each of the respective programmes they complete; they will receive two separate LLM degrees.

The course structure of each LLM programme remains the same, except that courses that overlap between the two programmes are counted toward the credits needed for each degree.

Master's thesis
Each student must complete a master's thesis for each of the respective LLM programmes, meaning they will have to write two theses total.

Tuition fees
For EU/EEA students, tuition fees only have to be paid for one LLM programme, however the fee will usually be at 1.5 years' worth of tuition rather than the standard one-year sum due to the extended period necessary to finish both LLMs. However, the result of completing both LLMs is two degrees at a tuition fee of 1.5 years for one programme (or depending on how long it takes a student to complete the programmes)*. Here you can find current EU/EEA student tuition fees.

For non-EU/EEA students, full fees must be paid for each LLM programme undertaken. Here you can find current non-EU/EEA students tuition fees.

Applying for admission
For students interested in pursuing two LLMs simultaneously, please contact the International Office for specific instructions on how to apply and how to best combine the two programmes. The process is different for those students who are current University of Groningen LLB students versus those who have pursued their bachelor level studies or LLB elsewhere. You can contact the International Office at llm The application deadline is the same as applying for a single LLM programme.

Do you have a question about an LLM programme? Contact the Faculty of Law directly through our information request form.

* This option of study with fees only to be paid for one of the programmes pursued is only available to EU/EEA students who have not pursued a masters level degree in the Netherlands prior. Applying to our programmes must be the first time you would be registered for masters studies in the Netherlands.

** Please note these two LLM tracks share the same CROHO code and hence award the same degree. Thus, combining these two LLM tracks results in a double specialization yet not the awarding of two distinct LLM degrees.
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