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Student facilities


The University Library (UB) is situated in the centre of Groningen. All students enrolled in the University of Groningen and all staff members are entitled to use the library. In order to borrow a book or journal students need a library pass, which is the RUG student card at the same time. The UB has several reading and study rooms with a total capacity of 2200 seats; it is open every day, including Saturday and Sunday.

In order to borrow a book or journal in one of the libraries students will have to use their RUG student card which can also be used as a library card. Students will receive the student card from the Law Faculty. To log into the library network students need a username and a password. Students are obliged to return borrowed books to the library before departure.

All University Libraries offer their users access to the electronic catalogues of the University of Groningen (OPC), the nationwide catalogues and other electronic catalogues. Students can also request for books and articles from other university libraries (through a so-called IBL-account) in the Netherlands.


In the Faculty building, computer facilities (including internet, e-mail and printer) are available for all Law students.

In addition all buildings of the Law Faculty have a Wi-Fi-connection, so laptops can be used everywhere on the premises of the Law Faculty.

Important: Students should check their university e-mail account regularly. All information from the university that is sent electronically will be sent to this e-mail address! This e-mail account can be used from any computer with access to the internet.

Electronic learning environment

The Student Portal is the electronic learning environment of the University of Groningen, a so-called electronic Blackboard. Lecturers can use this system to provide students with all kinds of information about their course, but also to support their course.

Next to this system, the University of Groningen also uses Progresswww, a system through which the registration for examinations, the ordering of readers and the checking of results can be done.

Language courses

Students who are interested in taking language courses during their exchange in Groningen can contact the Language Centre. The Language Centre of the University of Groningen offers elementary and advanced courses in several languages.


At the ACLO, the Groningen University Sports Foundation, students and staff of the University can participate in many types of sports. Foreign students of the University of Groningen who would like to participate in sports can have an ACLO membership added on their RUG student cardsport card for approximately € 60 per year or €50 for one semester after showing their student card and id at the information desk of the ACLO.


The Cultural Student Centre (USVA) offers a wide range of non-academic courses especially for students at low fees, adapted to student budgets. Students can choose, e.g. from dance, drama, mime, photography, video or music courses.

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