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The University of Groningen is not a campus university which can offer rooms to its students. Instead the University of Groningen has a separate organisation for this: SSHXL. The employees of SSHXL will do their very best to find you living quarters (in shared houses, flats or apartments) in or around Groningen. After nomination you will receive further instructions on the exact housing procedure. The International Office does not have any influence on the search for rooms.

It is important to know that you have to send in the housing application form quite early: the sooner you send in the form, the sooner a room will be available. There is a fixed rental period for five months or ten months. Please be aware of this! Mind you that rent must be paid from the first day of the arrival date you mentioned in the application form. You also have to pay a deposit and administration costs in advance.

If students have to cancel their stay in Groningen, or if they arrive later than the date they have indicated on the form, students should inform both the SSHXL and the International Office as soon as possible.

All general information about SSH procedures, house rules, bank details etc. can be found on the SSH website .

Students can also look for private accommodation or rent a room at the Student Hotel Groningen. More info on the Student Hotel Groningen is on their website

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