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Housing in Groningen

The University of Groningen does not have a campus, meaning the University itself does not have rooms available on offer for students. However, the University of Groningen has agreements with an organisation called SSHXL, which offers (limited) accommodation for new international students in Groningen. If students are unable to reserve accommodation with SSHXL, then they must secure housing on the private market with a landlord or housing agency.

Further information about finding accommodation in Groningen, including alternatives to SSHXL, can be found here.

Finding accommodation is a challenge

Please understand that finding accommodation can be a challenge for new incoming students, and so it is recommended to be very pro-active in the housing search.
Getting accommodation in Groningen for the first/Fall semester can be quite difficult because the housing market in August/September is usually very tight: all students who will study in Groningen (Dutch and international students, degree and exchange students) are looking for a room in that period. So make sure to start your search for accomodation early on.

Please do not underestimate the challenge of finding accommodation as it is often a long and stressful process. Therefore, finding accommodation is a priority and you should reserve a room as early as possible. If you have not found accommodation before August 1, we strongly advise you not to come to Groningen.

SSHXL accomodation

Registration for accommodation with SSH opened on 26 April 2022 . Rooms can be booked as of 2 June 2022.

On April 26th, students can register at SSH Groningen. Exchange students can reserve a room from June 2nd onward. Please be advised that rooms are fully booked within a few weeks. In addition, availability and choice within the private rental market become increasingly limited the longer you wait, with prices increasing when there is a shortage of rooms in the city.

Only semester-long rental contracts are offered to exchange students; students who will study in Groningen for the full academic year 2022-23 (so two semesters) will have the option at the end of the first semester to prolong their rental contract. Please be aware that there is a fixed rental period for five months or ten months! Mind you that rent must be paid from the first day of the arrival date you mention on the application form. You also have to pay a deposit and administration costs in advance. If students have to cancel their stay in Groningen, or if they arrive later than the date they have indicated on the form, students should inform both the SSHXL and the International Office as soon as possible.

Registering with the SSHXL Housing office is the first step students should take in their search for accommodation in Groningen, unless they prefer private/other accommodation not provided by the SSHXL.

All general information about SSH procedures, house rules, bank details etc. can be found on the SSH website

Other accomodation options

At home in Groningen – very useful website

On this website international students and staff can find information on living in Groningen and on the way to find a home in the city, also on the private market. This website publishes housing offers of the various official Groningen housing corporations (also for students a reliable source of accommodation options) and also a number of other organisations that offer various types of accommodation in Groningen (room, apartment, flat, house etc).

Although the corporations and other housing organisations are listed on the athomeingroningen website, they are NOT connected to the University of Groningen, so they may have different requirements/regulations than the SSHXL.

Costs of housing and issues regarding legal contracts are also dealt with on this website, so we advise you to check it regularly. Besides answers to FAQ's, a team of students is stand-by to answer all email questions.

The website is an initiative from the Municipality, RUG (University of Groningen), Hanze (Hanze University of Applied Sciences) and UMCG (University Medical Centre Groningen).

► Usually in the first week of July, this website will publish a lot of rooms which then become available on the private market. Please check website regularly.

Students can also look for private accommodation or rent a room at the Student Hotel Groningen. More info can be found on the website of the Student Hotel Groningen.

A few important things to keep in mind:

  • Many students will be trying to find a place to live at the beginning of the academic year and during the summer months. It is therefore wise to start looking for a room as early as possible.
  • Always use official websites or companies that you can trace to a physical address.
  • The agency costs and rental fees of both commercial agencies and private landlords can be high. Remain critical, visit the room beforehand and always read your contract carefully.
  • Be aware of scammers.
  • Do not pay anything before you have a written contract and always ask for a receipt of payment.
  • If the rent is too good to be true for the location/type of housing, then it probably is. If the pictures of the room/house are unidentifiable, you might be looking at something that is not genuine.
  • Avoid identity theft: never send a copy of your passport to strangers.
  • If you wish to rent a room in a building that has three or more residents, you should check if the proprietor has the correct permit.
  • Do not go to a viewing alone. If possible, take a Dutch speaker with you.

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