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Stef Lage Venterink

Master Ambassador American Studies
Stef lage venterink

Hi there! My name is Stef Lage Venterink, and I am pursuing a master’s degree in American Studies at the University of Groningen. While getting my bachelor’s degree in history at this university, I chose a minor in American History, which confirmed my suspicions that my passion lies with learning more about the United States. So last year I enrolled in the master’s of American Studies in Groningen, because I still love the city after 5 years and because it is the only independent North American Studies MA in the Netherlands. This means that the master’s is not part of a History department and that it has its own department and programme built up from scratch.

Making that decision a year ago would have to rank somewhere among the best decisions I have made. Since last year, I have taken multiple classes that are engaging, motivating, critical and very informative. The groups are small, about twelve to fifteen people, and the professors are very much engaged with every single student and their projects. The classes are all seminars that are based on engaging group discussions. Usually students take three classes with a 3-hour seminar each week, which means that the remainder of the time is spent studying by yourself. The programme also offers students an opportunity to study abroad or do an internship, of which I have made use to intern at the Embassy in Washington, D.C. right in the political heart of the US. Friends of mine have been sent for internships to the Embassy in Ottawa, to the Consulate in New York, and to a law firm in San Francisco. So yes, you can find a job with this master’s.

I would recommend this master’s to anyone who is looking for a challenging, engaging and also very relevant master’s degree. If discussion-based classes on American history, culture, media, politics, social issues and so on sound like music to your ears, then this programme is perfect for you. Please do not hesitate to send me any questions you might have concerning this programme, or student life in Groningen.

Last modified:22 May 2019 12.11 p.m.