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Manouck Wagner

Master Ambassador International Humanitarian Action (NOHA)
Manouck Wagner

Passionate About Humanitarian Aid

My name is Manouck Wagner, I am 23 years old and currently participating in the NOHA Joint Master’s Degree. There are many reasons why I decided to pursue this particular master’s degree. Personally, the most important reason is because I am passionate about humanitarian aid, to help those in need in the most effective and sustainable way.


The NOHA Joint Master degree has the perfect combination of academic study and practical experiences. As you will have lectures from those working in the field, it gives you practical insight alongside the academic theories. Furthermore, one of the best aspects is that NOHA covers a wide variety of subjects during your studies, which encourages you to think more on an interdisciplinary level, and look at problems from different angles. NOHA students all have different backgrounds, which gives you also the opportunity to work together with a diverse group of people, with differences in culture and knowledge, to establish a common understanding. It makes you aware of all the different points of view and enables you to have interesting discussions with amazing people.

Two Year Curriculum

The two year curriculum is another great aspect of the NOHA Master degree, as it enables you to specialize in different topics during your second semester, and either to conduct research at a non-European partner university or to do a work placement in your third semester. This means that you will still have a reasonable amount of time to work on your thesis during your fourth semester.

A Demanding Degree

Without a doubt, it is a demanding study and you need to devote much of your time to it. While it gives you many practical insights, it is an academic master’s degree which means that you will need to study extensively. But it is definitely worth it!

An Amazing Student City

Lastly, the reason why I decided to choose the University of Groningen as my home university is because it is a very well organized university, in an amazing student city (the best one in the Netherlands!). Furthermore, the curriculum at the RUG has an additional psychology class, not offered at other NOHA home universities. As I believe that psychology plays a very important role in humanitarian action, I was determined to make Groningen my home university with the NOHA programme.

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