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Frank Hopwood

Master Ambassador Multilingualism
Frank Hopwood

Hi, I’m Frank from Buenos Aires. I’m currently enrolled in the track Multilingualism of the MA Linguistics at the University of Groningen. This track is given in Leeuwarden, the provincial capital of Fryslân, which provides an ideal setting for the study of multilingualism, as one can profit of a context where Multilingualism can be experienced on a daily basis, even in the most mundane of transactions. I studied Minorities and Multilingualism at the University of Groningen (RUG), and, after enjoying an intellectually stimulating BA programme, I decided to continue with the MA Multilingualism, to round off my academic education. I am particularly interested in linguistic ideologies and the role these play in the ethno-linguistic vitality of minoritized languages, so this master’s track was a perfect match for me. The team of outstanding academics give thought-provoking, intellectually challenging lectures that help students develop their knowledge of the subject matter and challenge widespread conceptions about Multilingualism.

During the first semester of this master’s track one has 12 hours of lectures a week, spread out in three days. The rest of the week one has to dedicate to either self-study or to the completion of different assignments. As both the reading materials and the assignments are engaging this a more than enjoyable activity. During the second semester one is expected to write the master’s thesis and either do an internship or choose an extra course. I chose the University of Groningen partly because of its rich intellectual tradition, combined with a unique setting for the subject matter at hand: Multilingualism.

That being said, if you are interested in linguistics, and specifically multilingualism, and want to experience a unique chance to combine an intellectually challenging master’s degree with the ideal setting to do so, I encourage you to apply for the master’s track Multilingualism at the University of Groningen.

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