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Becky Evans

Master Ambassador Writing, Editing and Mediating
Becky Evans

Hi, I’m Becky, I’m from the UK, and I’m currently in my second semester of the MA Writing Editing Mediating (WEM) at the University of Groningen. After completing my Bachelors in English Literature at Cardiff University, I travelled and worked abroad in various countries over three different continents, teaching creative and non-fiction writing to young students. I came to live and study in Groningen in February 2018, and have never regretted my decision.

I chose this programme because it provides students with the knowledge and skills required for working as editors and publishers, and combines this practicality with academia maintaining familiarity with literary texts. The interdisciplinary courses, which aid in broadening students’ knowledge over a range of different fields, help to strengthen research skills in preparation for writing the thesis. Being one of the only Masters programs that specialised in publishing, while offering such flexibility, the decision to enrol at the University of Groningen was an easy one. After nine months of living here, I have certainly fallen for this charming city for so many reasons: a vibrant and communal student life; plenty of social-and-literary-related events; a famously vibrant nightlife with an array of lively (but cheap) cafes and bars; fun social events arranged by ESN where you can meet international students; beautiful parks to relax during the spring summer days; cheap membership at the student fitness centre; every place is accessible by bicycle; and (for the international students) fifty hours of free Dutch classes!

The typical schedule for a WEM student is three classes of three hours each a week, but you can choose to take two classes a week and, therefore, lengthen your duration at the University of Groningen. For each course (WEM, literary and interdisciplinary), there are usually readings and a weekly assignment, followed by a three-hour seminar in which we unite to discuss our findings. The courses offered during the first semester are theoretical and view literature from a social and historical perspective. In the second semester, the courses are very practical and prepare you for jobs after your Masters. You also have the option to replace a course with an internship which you can choose to do anywhere in the world. As the usual duration a company would expect you to intern for would be for four to six months, it’s advisable to do the internship after your courses are completed or during a separate semester, and not to write it alongside the thesis. And lastly, the Masters thesis will be fully explained in a meeting during the first few weeks of your stay here.

So, if you are passionate about literary studies, dream about working in a publishing agency, and are thrilled at the opportunity to meet international students in the liveliest, safest, most-relaxed city with the highest student population life in the Netherlands, I highly recommend you enrolling in the WEM program!

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