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Alex Bauer

Master Ambassador Digital Humanities
Alex Bauer

But the most important impact I encountered is a product of the composition of students of the programme. I got and still get to know and work with a lot of people from different humanities backgrounds, with different skillsets, coming from different cultures and grown on different experiences. To be, learn and work in a group like this is the most unexpected but best experience. It is the programmes third year, and I’m sure it gets better every year, because of thorough evaluation we already could be part of. Therefore you can benefit from our collisions and challenge your humanities background for a promised refreshing viewpoint here within Digital Humanities at the UG.

Hi, I am Alex and since September I’m enrolled in the MA programme Digital Humanities at the University of Groningen. Before I came here I studied Theatre, Film and Media Studies in Vienna. While I enjoyed the theoretical and philosophical focus, during the final semesters and especially my bachelor thesis there was a developing need to look into the black boxes I encountered during analysing, critiquing and living with social and new media. Furthermore I was interested on how the practice on the other side of the user view of all things digital will influence my thinking about it, while alter and strengthen my arguments on the way.

Right from the beginning I was delighted by the study conditions, such as the small classes (regarding the number of students), the well organized lectures, and all of that in the centre of neat and vivid Groningen. The first semester is split in two periods, where we follow three courses in each. Two of them are related to data processing (coding, databases, visualisation, etc.), where we have a lecture and a lab class every week. The third course is focused on reflecting what we are, and maybe can be, doing here with and within culture and the humanities by applying statistical and digital methodologies.

We have around 11 hours of attendance every week, and I need at least two to three times more to prepare the courses and working on assignments. While I don’t expect to come out as skilled in application/software developing as a Computer Science scholar, I can say that we get to know the different fields we explore deep enough to know where to go to develop particular skills further. And I increasingly feel that I get in the same ‘language family’ and hence be able to mediate between matters of humanities and Computer Science.

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