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Reinder Klinkhamer

Bachelorstudent History
Reinder Klinkhamer

About Reinder

My name is Reinder Klinkhamer, I am 20 years old and I just started my third year studying History. Two years ago, I moved from Meppel (a small town in South-West Drenthe) to Groningen to study here. Besides my hobbies (medieval re-enactment and playing the accordion), I am also active in the study association GHD Ubbo Emmius. Last year, I also started the following a course on 16 th and 17 th - century writing and Russian language proficiency courses. I’ve become more active within the History program this year as I am part of the program committee the second year running as well as working as a student mentor.

Why a Bachelor in History?

Since my childhood I have always been fascinated with the past, playing king, knight, or pirate. My later hobby of re-enactment certainly intensified my interest. It hence comes as no surprise that from high school on, I planned to become a History teacher. After successfully completing the History course web classes offered by the UG and having participated in the matching day I knew with certainty that I wanted to study History.

Why Groningen?

When deciding what city I wanted to study in, I had to choose between Groningen, Nijmegen, and Utrecht. I hardly knew Utrecht and also did not know anyone who went to study there. Nijmegen I knew better but also was not aware of anyone I knew studying there. Groningen, contrastingly, was where my grandmother, grandfather, uncle, and aunt live. My father grew up here and most of my friends go to university here. I knew Groningen as a very young, familiar, but, above all, pleasant city; a perception that was reinforced by the KEI-week. When I found a room through one of my friends from secondary school, my decision was made.


My motivation for studying History was to become a highschool teacher. A year in Groningen has completely transformed this wish. After following some research seminars during my degree whilst moving through the program, I changed my mind: I am currently planning on pursuing a Research Master here in Groningen with the aim of doing research and lecturing at a university one day.


Whether a tip is golden or not depends on the person. For me, the freedom of choice I had within History at the RUG was an absolute revelation. My tip to all prospective students is therefore to reflect well on what you want to achieve during your time at university and then take all possible steps in that direction. The training you receive here provides many opportunities so you have to have a clear goal that you can pursue!

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