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Mille van der Spoel

Bachelorstudent Minorities and Multilingualism
Mille van der Spoel

About Mille

My name is Mille van der Spoel and I study Minorities and Multilingualism (M&M). Besides this, I am the Chair of Network of Arts, the studentboard of the Faculty of Arts. Due to this position, I am in contact with many students and teachers.

Why Minorities and Multilingualism?

I noticed this program while I was still studying Psychology. Studying Psychology was not right for me and I started looking for something else. When I heard about M&M I almost immediately thought that it was perfect for me. The combination of politics, history, culture, and language in light of minorities in societies seemed like a wide set of aspects that sounded very interesting to me. I still consider this to be true. There is a lot of variety within the program: some courses focus on language in combination with minorities, others focus on history and society in combination with minorities, some courses focus on all these aspects at once.

Because of the 30 ECTS you can gain by following courses from other programs, you can create your own set of knowledge and prepare yourself for the Masters of your choosing. M&M offers many different futures and because it is a rather small program, there is a lot of personal attention for every student.

Why Groningen?

When I went to high school in Groningen, I had to go back to my home in Drenthe every day. I missed the atmosphere Groningen offers because I had to keep track of the time if I wanted to catch the bus. I wanted to experience more of this beautiful city and be there at the end of the day, so I decided to study here. Therefore, I chose the city I wanted to live in before I picked the right program.


The master that I am looking at right now is Humanitarian Action. I would like to work in crisis management at a non-profit organization like Human Rights Watch or Amnesty International. I want to work against the human rights violations that happen all around the world in order to make it a safer place to live for the many minorities we have in this world.
One of the benefits of M&M regarding this Master’s is that I can prepare myself for this program through the electives I mentioned earlier.


Look further than the popular programs. Look through every description of every program the universities offer until you find something that really fits. Ask people that are studying the degree as well as they can probably give you the most accurate description of all!

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