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Nathalie Fridzema

Bachelorstudent Media Studies
Nathalie Fridzema

About Nathalie

My name is Nathalie Fridzema and I am a Dutch student currently in my third years of Media Studies. Besides being a student ambassador, I am also active in the board of Network of Arts, as student assistant for the board of cluster 5 and as mentor guiding and teaching first years of the BA. Next to my university life I manage a local tattoo shop where I am also currently learning to become a tattoo artist myself.  

Why Media Studies?

In high school I never was sure what program to choose. I was drawn to the different cultural, political and economic aspects of the social science field and I went to information days for international relations, multiculturalism, communication etc. These programs did not have the complete package for me. In 2016 I discovered Media Studies, a new program that just started in 2015, and it immediately got my attention. I eventually choose Media Studies because I am interested in the digitalisation of the modern world, those related impacts in society and the new online worlds that emerge. I also wanted to study something which was international and interdisciplinary. I am very happy with my choice because this BA program gives you the opportunity to explore what exactly it is that you like and to specialize further from there.

Why Groningen

I live in a village close to Groningen and most people from my high school go the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. This was also an obvious choice for me. However, even though the RuG is close to home, you are still studying in an international environment, it really is the best of both worlds. This aspect definitely made the decision to study in Groningen that more logical.


Throughout my studies I developed an interest for digital humanities and doing social research using digital methods. After this BA I am planning on doing the the master digital humanities and after that either go further down the academic path or exploring my career options and perhaps doing an internship.


I feel like there definitely is - or at least in the Netherlands - a stigma on trying to aim as high as possible. I myself chose to go to university because that was highest form of education I could do, without looking at other options. Luckily, now that I am here, I do really like the environment and I do see myself pursuing an academic career as a researcher. That being said, this is a career path which is not set out for everyone. My tip is to really think about what your passion is and what kind of job you would like to do in the future. Many students end up disappointed within BA programs because they want to acquire more practical skills. If you know academic research is not your thing and you are a more hands-on kind of person, you can look further than university. Oh and also, do not worry about your English skills if it is not your native language, those will improve quickly!

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