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Luise Leis

Bachelorstudent Communication and Information Studies
Luise Leis

About Luise

Heya, my name is Luise, I am 22 years old and originally from Germany. I am currently going strong in my second year of Communication and Information Studies. Studying obviously takes up a good part of my time but not enough to make me miss out on the various great aspects of student life in Groningen. I am part of two improv comedy groups, I like being creative and trying out new sports at ACLO, and I love exploring the city, e.g. on walks. I also work next to my study, as part of the D-Team and as a babysitter.  

Why Communication and Information Studies?

It took me quite a while to figure out what I wanted to study, but in the end I landed on CIS because it is an interdisciplinary study with aspects from fields such as marketing, linguistics and sociology. The foundation for everything in the study however is language, which will reappear in almost everything you do and which I find very interesting as it shows just how quintessential the ways in which we communicate are for every aspect of life.

Why Groningen?

I came to Groningen through coincidence but stayed by choice. I originally started with a different study in Groningen that was not available in Germany but quit after half a year. I decided to stay for my new study because I love the international atmosphere in Groningen, there is a lot to do around here, I like the way the university is structured and studying in English also makes more sense to me. Another big plus is the size of the city, not too big, not too small - just right.


Right now I have no real plan for the future. My study is rather broad so I will probably specialize in a Master’s degree, maybe in the direction of persuasive communication or with an environmental focus. Generally speaking, there are a lot of options that I could pursue, from becoming a communications advisor for a big company to working for the government, I just haven’t found my own preferences yet.


I have a few golden tips if you consider studying CIS.

1.   Check out the website, you can find detailed plans of what you are going to do each year and even the courses you are going to have on there.

2.   Ask us anything and everything! We are here to help and can give you a detailed insight into the study.

3.   Come to an open day or even better, join us in our study for a day to get a proper insight into the courses you are going to have and what you are going to learn.

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