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Susanne van Rest

Susanne Rest

About Susanne

Hi! My name is Susanne van Rest. I am 22 years old and I am studying Arts, Culture and Media at the University of Groningen. I am in my third year, currently working on my minor of Art and Religion. The minor you choose in your third year can broaden or specialize your degree programme. My main subject of study is Theatre, thus I am often found spending and enjoying my time in the theatre. I also love visual art, music, reading, dancing and I am an active member of a church, where I write the children's programme, among other things.

Why Arts, Culture and Media?

I knew quite quickly that I wanted to be a part of the art community. The Arts, Culture and Media programme initially appealed to me because it views art from many different perspectives. Not only the aesthetics and history of artworks are studied, but you also examine subjects on sociology, cognition and philosophy. With this programme you study the arts on a deeper level. In addition, it appealed to me that you can delve into many different art forms, not just focusing on one. Since I am interested in theatre and visual art, this suited me well.

Why Groningen?

I grew up in Groningen, so the choice to study here seemed obvious. Yet I still went to see many other universities. What finally convinced me to stay in Groningen was that during the KCM walk-in day, I felt very comfortable and at home. The atmosphere of the university and the content of the study were very influential on my choice. And of course nothing tops Groningen! Groningen is a real student city and has a super cozy atmosphere. There is always something going on and since the city is not too big, your friends are always close by.


I am still debating whether I continue working with the theatre community, or in the world of visual arts, but either way I want to do something with arts policy or management. With this you can obtain a job with the government, in a museum, or a theatre company. This programme is great because there are so many possible paths to follow. I am excited to so what comes my way and looking towards the future with an open mind.

Golden tip

The most important thing for me is to choose with your heart – its cliché but it’s also very true. If you choose a study that you find interesting and fun, studying will also be interesting and fun. In addition, it is important to use your time wisely. You are going to make important choices, and you do not want to be hasty or careless when making these choices. Do not be afraid to ask questions, go to open days, do a follow-up day and attend the web class, so you have a good idea of where to start and have no regrets.

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