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Joanna Zienkiewicz

Bachelor's student Arts, Culture & Media
Joanna Zienkiewicz
Joanna Zienkiewicz

About Joanna

Hello! My name is Joanna and I come from Poland. I’m currently living my dream of studying abroad and making friends coming from various cultures and backgrounds and I’m here to help you achieve your dream if it happens to be similar. I’m interested in theatre, creative writing, music, politics and much more, and I’m trying to make the most out of every day I spend in the wonderful city of Groningen!

Why Arts, Culture & Media?

I had a hard time choosing a discipline that interests me the most. At the beginning of high school, I still wanted to study physics! Gradually, I discovered my love for theatre and music and I decided that this is what I want to pursue the most. I always enjoyed writing and giving my opinions on art, which I engaged in at all opportunities. That’s why a study like Arts, Culture and Media – broad, contemporary and with the possibility to go more in-depth on chosen specializations (in my case: Analysis & Criticism, Theatre, and Music) seemed perfect for my interests. Whether you are interested in examining arts from a theoretical point of view or in the practical side of arts policy and marketing, this study can be something for you!

Why Groningen?

Arts, Culture & Media is not a popular study to find in Europe and for me, this was one of the determining factors that helped me decide on coming to the University of Groningen. However, before I made the final choice, I visited Groningen for two weeks during holidays and I was amazed by the vibrant and colorful town full of students and open people that I saw. Moreover, it was important for me to attend a high-quality university - but after checking the World Universities rankings I had no doubts that RUG is one of them!

Career perspective

I’m definitely going to follow my Bachelor in Arts, Culture & Media with a master’s degree. Later, I hope to continue with a Ph.D. in theatre studies and either find a job that involves theatre criticism or stay in academia, conducting research. Even so, these are hitherto merely speculations about my future. A lot of my friends in the study have utterly different ideas about their career paths though.

Good advice

Applying for a university abroad is always a lot of a hassle. Perhaps you are right now quite nervous about the procedures and moving to a foreign country, just like I was. Among all this stress, I would advise you to remember that it’s all much easier than you think it will be. If you just pay attention to deadlines and contact me in case of any questions you might have, you’ll be a student of the University of Groningen very soon.

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