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Teun van der Horst

Bachelor's Student of International Relations and International Organization

About Teun

Hi! My name is Teun van der Horst, I am 21 years old and second-year student International Relations & International Organization (IRIO). Two years ago, after I finished secondary school, I attended a study that totally did not fit my liking, and afterwards felt a bit lost regarding all the studies that were out there. Of all the studies, I luckily found what suits me best, and hope to help you to achieve the same.

Outside classes and lectures, I like being sociable, creative and to engage with global developments. Last year I did the lay-out and some writing for our student association’s magazine, this year I give guest lectures on international developments to secondary or practical schools’ students, and draw/paint as a hobby.


For a long time I have been a bit envious of people having one ‘true calling’, a single interest in for example technical physics or a health science that (I presumed) guides someone’s study choice very easily. Now I know that that’s a rather wrong assumption, and that for people with many different interests there luckily is multidisciplinary education. IRIO does have a focus on world politics and uses a theoretical approach, but it also addresses social sciences, economics, history, law and some other fields.

However, apart from a broad interest, I am mostly fascinated by the global developments of politics, war, democracy and diplomacy. I like how my study offers a more nuanced, elaborated and scientific view on what we see regularly in the news, or on what happens in wars and international conferences. I think an interest in these subjects is an absolute must – every IRIO-student is engaged with the news and with politics, be it in an activist or scientific way.

Why Groningen

For me, it was mainly the study that drove me to Groningen, around 250km from my hometown in Brabant (for a Dutchman, that’s quite far away). The only other place where an International Relations programme is offered is Leiden, but I preferred the more international approach that this study has.

However, the city itself can also be a great reason to move here. Groningen has plenty of student associations, sporting organisations and a great city centre: it usually ends up as The Netherlands’ number 1 student city. Don’t get discouraged by living on your own or far away from home – you will find plenty of friends!

Career perspective

I am really not sure where I would like to go in the future. Becoming a journalist abroad has always been a dream for me, but I would also like to end up in more of a ‘decision maker’ position, especially in the fields of security (war and intelligence) or cybercrime. I do not plan to go in an academic direction, but there are many opportunities for that as well.


Make sure you look into as many studies as possible, so you can compare and eliminate those options that do not exactly fit your interests. In the process, make sure you get advised or motivated by people who either know you or are alike you – everyone is different, so make sure you get informed in a way that suits you personally!

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