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Casper de Boer

Bachelorstudent International Relations and International Organization
Casper de Boer

About Casper

Hi there! My name Casper de Boer. I am currently a fourth year IRIO student, as well as a participant in the Honours College (BA) progamme of the RUG. Last year I advised the Faculty Board of the Faculty of Arts on education related matters in my function as student-assessor. It was a rather extensive part-time job that resulted in having to extend my bachelor programme one more year. Furthermore, I am a student ambassador for the IRIO programme, which means that I spend my days trying to give aspirant students, amongst others, an insight into the world of IRIO.


How did it all start? Well, actually quite spontaneously. I decided to join a friend to an Open Day, where I encountered the IRIO bachelor programme for the very first time. The programme’s multi- disciplinary approach immediately struck a chord with me. IRIO is not just one subject of study, it is rather a ‘mosaic’ of different disciplines, from history and economics to law and political science. Studying IRIO means that you are constantly in touch with the world around you. I believe it is no longer sufficient to only present your point of view. A globalized world needs us to push the boundaries of our knowledge by combining different areas of knowledge, by listening to others and by developing ourselves through our encounters. IRIO offered me the tools to do this, by focusing on different aspects that constitute the world of IR. It feels as if each day I learn something new about the ever-changing world around me. These dynamics make up for a challenging, yet thrilling experience.

Why Groningen?

Groningen became, quite unexpectedly, my hometown as it was one of the few universities offering such an extensive and diverse programme. After 3 year I can truly say that it has been the right decision for me. To me, Groningen has been a place small enough to feel like home, but also big enough to develop oneself further and consequently, to feel connected to the world. As much as I’d like to live in the moment though, I always end up fantasizing about the future. My goal? Creating a world based on dialogue instead of conflict, understanding instead of ignorance, preferably through the means of a career in the field of International Law. I believe that the IRIO programme offers its students a multitude of possibilities, along with time to get to know yourself and the world around you better. I believe a bachelor IR is the ideal start to leave a lasting mark on the world of the 21st century.

Golden tip

If I would have one final tip to give to aspirant students it would be always be eager to discover, no matter whether it is in university or in your personal life. It is a cliché, but it’s true. Your student years have so much to offer. Trust me, I’ve experienced many of them: it’s all out there, only waiting for you to get your fingers on it. Good luck and don’t forget to enjoy!

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