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Erandi Guerrero Mavrou

Bachelorstudent Minorities and Multilingualism
Erandi Guerrero Mavrou

About Erandi

Hello, my name is Erandi and I am studying Minorities and Multilingualism. I am half Mexican and half Cypriot. In Cyprus I acquired an obsession with reading and writing while Mexico taught me to appreciate the visual arts which is why I love painting. However; I have also spent a few years in Spain which drew me into the world of flamenco and now after thirteen years of dancing I have come to consider this more a part of my identity than a hobby.

Why Minorities and Multilingualism?

Minorities and Multilingualism is not a program you hear about very often; this makes sense considering how it is focused on aspects, which are often overlooked in societies. At school my geography teacher taught us that there are around 68 indigenous languages in Mexico; all in danger of being forgotten even though several of their speakers yearn to pass them on to the next generations. I hoped that this program would help me understand how this happens and which are the best approaches for it. I have learned a lot from my study and it has also led me to even more questions which keep me interested.

Why Groningen?

Groningen is certainly far from Mexico and it isn’t a common destination for Cypriots either. I wouldn’t have considered it if it weren’t for my French tutor who recommended Groningen as a safe student city with a lively environment. I did my research and every time a fact came up about the city such as the preference of bicycles over cars and the frozen cannels during winter, my interest only multiplied. It was easy to imagine myself here in Groningen and the different lifestyle it offered turned it into an adventure and a chance to learn outside the classroom.


My imagination and my multiple interests allow me to paint several futures in my head. This makes me incredibly indecisive although I cling to the hope that my study will allow me to pursue more than one of my interests. My plans vary between going for a Masters in International Humanitarian Action or combining the focus of my program with the field of education. The clearest image I can picture is of this upcoming year and what I hope to achieve. This includes learning more about my study and figuring out in what areas it can be applied and how can I take advantage of my creativity to incorporate it with my other interests.


Stick to what interests you; cling to as many of your interests and see what you can make of them with your study. Share them with other people and also learn from what inspires others. Have patience and don’t be shy to ask for help or guidance when you need it; everyone at the university (Groningen in general) is very willing to provide creative suggestions and solutions; sometimes it is simply good to voice your concerns because it is more than likely that you aren’t the only one having them.

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