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Meike Haagsman

Bachelor's student of English Literature and Culture
Meike Haagsman

About Meike Haagsman

Hi! My name is Meike Haagsman and I am currently a second-year student of the English Language and Culture programme. Aside from the study’s regular programme, I follow some extra courses within other departments of the Faculty of Arts. I partake in a yearclub via student association Dizkartes and in my free time I like to write or watch classic movies.

Why English Language and Culture?

I was originally in a different programme; technical study. Although I was fascinated by this, I soon realized that it wasn’t an interest that defined me. So I asked myself, what did I find more interesting than anything else (after all, I will likely spend the next 50 years of my doing this), and that was English. I have loved the language since my very first lesson, which is covered by the ‘linguistics’ part of the studies. The other main part, literature, suits me as well; stories are a passion of mine (whether I write them, read them, or watch them). In other words, this study is a perfect mix for me and others who have similar interests. In addition, there are many benefits to studying English: you’ll acquire many useful skills about language interpretation and usage, learn about history and culture, and your English will be excellent when you graduate!

Why Groningen?

Several reasons defined my choice for Groningen: the programme is held in very high regard, it teaches a balanced combination of practical and theoretical skills, and it is completely taught in English, which I believe is truly beneficial. I also love the city itself! My “no-longer objective but still very sincere” opinion is that Groningen is the best student city in the Netherlands. Even though I now live far away from my parents (something that really scared me at first), I feel very much at home in Groningen. This is due to my friends here, but also due to the cosy ambiance of the city.


I don’t have any set plans for the future. I know I’ll find something along the way though. There are many paths that might follow studying English Language and Culture because it will leave you with skills that are useful in countless places. If you end up working somewhere that doesn’t feel right, you can always work towards another job! No one is stopping you from continuing to grow in order to find the right place for yourself.

Golden Tip

Not a single person I know has followed the same path during their time as a student, so remember that you can always change up your programme: more courses, different courses, a minor, etc. The university has so many things to offer, allowing you to try things out and choose exactly what feels right to you. My advice is thus: don’t fear that choosing your studies is one big choice. It is many, and making one wrong choice along the way is fine; it won’t be set it stone.

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