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Varisha Steneker

Bachelorstudent Communication and Information Studies
Varisha Steneker

About Varisha

Hi! My name is Varisha, I am 20 years old and I am in currently in my second year of Communication and Information Studies. I have been living in Groningen for two years now. My week includes attending practicals and lectures, working on assignments and preparing for classes. Luckily there is enough time for hobbies, friends and more! Last year I was an active member of the study association ‘Commotie’. Together with my committee we organised a trip to Dublin. Commotie helped me to get to know more people who are also studying Communication and Information Sciences. Besides Commotie, I am also a member of a student association.

Why Communication and Information Studies?

Communication takes part in every aspect of society, for instance: business, politics and health care. Because communication is so important in everyday life, I was interested in how it really works.

Communication and Information Sciences in Groningen focusses on the language perspective of Communication. Since I was a young girl, I was interested in language. I liked writing poems and small stories. For that reason, I thought it was interesting to learn more about it. And of course not only about grammar, but about how we are able to communicate with language!

Why Groningen?

I ultimately decided to study Communication and Information Sciences in Groningen. CIS in Groningen focusses a lot more on language than other communication studies do. Besides that, CIS in Groningen is a small study compared to the Communication studies in other cities. For these reasons, CIS in Groningen distinguishes itself from other communication studies.

Groningen is a real ‘student city’, you will see students everywhere. Because Groningen is not too big, I immediately felt at home. Aside from study-related activities Groningen has a lot more to offer. There are a numerous of student associations, sports associations and committees. You name it and Groningen has it!


As I said, communication takes part in every aspect of society. Therefore there are many options for the future. During my first year of Communication and Information Sciences I found the business-related part of communication most interesting. Because of that I would like to do a master in marketing, but I will keep every other option open. For now I will enjoy my time in Groningen, because there a lot of things I still want to do over here, perhaps a board year or another committee.

Golden tip

Choosing the right thing to study is not easy for everybody. It helped me to start early with exploring what kind of studies I liked. It will save you a lot of stress if you have enough time to make your decision. It also gives you the time to visit a lot of open days.

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