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Bibi Koekkoek

Bachelor student History
Bibi Koekkoek

About Bibi

Hi, my name is Bibi Koekkoek, I am 23 years old and am currently finishing the History programme. I am active at the study association GHD Ubbo Emmius and just finished my board year there. In addition to studying and the study association, I really enjoy playing tennis, listening to music and getting creative from time to time by drawing or painting. In the meantime, I have been a student mentor at the History programme and I am currently a study buddy. The fact that I am a student ambassador this year is a very nice addition to this list!

Why History?

When I used to go to the library as a kid, I not only came home with fictional books, but I also brought informative books about history with me. What particularly fascinated me then was Egyptology. The following years my interest in history only increased. It is an incredibly versatile study in which you can often put your creativity to good use! Despite my doubts about what I wanted to study, I always had a good feeling about History. Apart from the fact that I really like history, I also did not know (and still do not really know) what I wanted to do in the future. I think that is one of the great things about studying History. It is so broad that you can orientate yourself and try different things to find out what is right for you. Even if you have many different interests outside of history, this can be combined very well. Think for example of Gender Studies, International Relations or Philosophy.

Why Groningen

I doubted whether I wanted to stay in Groningen. I have lived here all my life and it felt logical somewhere to study in another city. At the last moment, I realised that Groningen has everything (and maybe even more). I did not have to move to have a nice student time, because Groningen is a very vibrant student city. I also did not have to move for the content of my studies, because I really liked the History programme in Groningen. Finally, I always think of Groningen as a kind of village. Especially during my student years, I usually run into people I know, even though you live in a ‘big’ city.


During my studies, I have gradually found out what I think is important and interesting, which has allowed me to reshape my vision for the future. I think it would be very nice to be able to combine history with a creative aspect later on. In order to realize these ambitions, I am currently enrolled for two masters, History Today and Landscape History, whilst writing my bachelor dissertation.


Take time to figure out what you want and what suits you! The study History gives you a lot of space to find out what you like and what you want to become in the future. And do not worry, it is also possible that you find these things out during your studies.

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