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University Minor

The University Minor (in total 30 ECTS) broadens your view by offering multidisciplinary courses outside your degree programme. University Minors introduce students to a different academic field and help them gain an understanding of the knowledge, methodologies, and applications used there. You gain a broader perspective and look beyond your own study programme to see how other fields think and work.

ATTENTION NON-DUTCH STUDENTS: Some minor programmes are (partly) in Dutch.

In the overview, the English taught minors are marked with an asterisk (*).

Please note - in a few cases, due to overlap with courses in the major, access to the university minor is not possible:

  • access to part 1a of the Art and Religion minor is not possible for students of the bachelor's programme in Art History
  • access to the university minor Politics and Governance (Faculty of Law) is only possible under certain conditions for students of the bachelor's programme in IBIO. In connection with partial overlap with compulsory major components, these students can only follow this university minor in the following composition:

*    Bestuursrecht voor niet-juristen (RGABE70305)
*    Elementaire Bestuurskunde (RGBBE01005)
*    Inleiding Recht voor niet- juristen (RGAAR70105)
*    Denken over Democatie en Rechtsstaat (RGBRF00105)
*    Recht, Religie en Samenleving (RGAPR90805)
*    Theorie Sociale Wetenschappen (RGBBE00205)

For more information contact your study advisor .

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