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Teacher Training Minor

Do you want to be a teacher and do you want to be optimally prepared for the Teacher Training Master degree? The Teacher Training Minor (30 ECTS) is a preparatory minor for students interested in being a teacher. NOTE: Some elements of this Minor may only be available in Dutch, please contact Annemarie Arends of Student Affairs if you are interested in this Minor: (+31) 50 363 2000

You can choose this Minor if you follow one of these degree programmes:

- History
- English Language and Culture
- Classics
- Minorities & Multilingualism (Frisian track)
- Dutch Language and Culture
- French Language and Culture
- Spanish Language and Culture
- German Language and Culture

Students in the Bachelor’s Programme European Languages and Cultures will not be able to choose the Teacher Training Minor, because an exchange abroad is a condition for the Teacher Training Minor in a foreign language. ELC students who intend to become teachers, should choose the Minor Abroad. The Teacher Training Minor or Module may then be followed after the third year or after completion of the Bachelor’s Programme.

This minor is provided by the Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences. To compete in this Minor, a minimum of 80 ECTS of your major is required (including a propaedeutic degree).

More information about the Teacher-training Minor.

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