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Victorine Nillesen

East Asian Studies (MA in International Relations)

Regional focus

My name is Victorine Nillesen and I am currently studying in the Master International Relations at the Faculty of Arts. I do the East Asian Studies track, so my studies take a more regional focus than the other tracks (International Political Economy, International Security, Global Governance, European Integration, and International Relations and International Organization), but there is a lot of overlap in courses and research seminars. In the first half of the first semester, all students take a mandatory course called “Advanced Theory of International Relations.” I found this extremely useful as I do not have an International Relations background, but if you studied International Relations previously, you will definitely find this course helpful as well. It covers all classic theories but allows for a lot of freedom in being creative and applying theories to current events and conflicts, which I find fascinating.

Explore new territory

In the second half of the first semester, all tracks have more courses specified to their focus. There are research seminars which are interesting because they allow you to apply all you have learned up until now and in Advanced Theory, but also explore new territory and research specific topics of your own interest. I take research seminars called “History, Culture, Politics of East Asia” and “Multinational Corporations” which help me to do research on two very different topics in international relations.

Study in Japan, Korea, China or Taiwan

The advantage of my track is that there are multiple options for the second semester. In all the other tracks, students are supposed to do an internship or placement. East Asian Studies students have that option, but can also decide to study at a partner university in Japan, Korea, China or Taiwan, or take another research seminar. I hope to study in Japan in the second semester. I have heard plenty of interesting internships that my fellow students are going after, so the possibilities are endless!

The crown on your Master's year

Besides the internship, the second semester is reserved for the Master Thesis, which will be the crown on your Master year. You are free to research whatever you might be interested in, as long as it is related to your track. But there is no list of topics, you can choose what you like and discuss with your advisor about what works and what does not.

All in all, even though so far I have been studying in this Master for only two months, I already have a clear vision of what this program has brought me this far, and what it will leave me with when I graduate. I specifically enjoy the freedom and the ability to explore and research various topics within one master track. There is enough variety in courses, research seminars, research topics, instructors, and options for placement or studying that anyone with an interest in international relations will enjoy!

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