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The Marco Polo Fund

You can apply for the Marco Polo Fund if you satisfy the criteria and if you are selected for a university outside the EU with which the Faculty or the University has an exchange contract. However, you need to keep following conditions in mind:
  • You can only apply to the Marco Polo Fund for studies if you have not previously been studying abroad via the Marco Polo Fund
  • With the Marco Polo programme, you can follow one study period as well as one placement abroad (during the Master). Contact the Placement Office for more information about doing a placement abroad
  • It is only possible to receive the Marco Polo grant for studies for a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 months. Prolonging your exchange? Receiving it for a second semester abroad depends on budget availability and needs to be requested with the Mobility Office well before departure.
  • To keep your grant you must obtain at least 3 ECTS per month during your study abroad period.
  • You are not eligible to apply for the Marco Polo grant if you receive an Erasmus Mundus or other substantial scholarship. Keep in mind that you are considered a so called Zero Grant student if you are going on exchange to a Marco Polo partner university. This means that you will need to complete the Marco Polo application.

The Marco Polo Fund is a fund established by the University of Groningen that provides financial support to students going abroad. You can, for example, use this grant to pay for your plane ticket and visa.The grant amount per month depends on the country you are going to. The grant amounts are determined by the University of Groningen on an annual basis, but to get an idea you can take a look at the Marco Polo grant amounts for academic year 2017-2018. More information about the Marco Polo Fund can be found on the general Going Abroad website from the University of Groningen.

Marco Polo application documents

Once you have been nominated at your host university the Mobility Office will inform you about the Marco Polo grant application procedure. You will be asked to submit at least the following forms 14 days before you depart:

Your grant will be paid after having submitted all the necessary paper work. A deposit (30% of the total grant awarded) will initially be withheld and paid to you once you have submitted all the necessary forms upon your return. So in order to get the second payment and keep the grant you must submit some other forms as soon as possible after you return. You can read more about this at Step 5: Return

Other important documents:

ATTENTION: Please submit the Marco Polo grant application forms with the Mobility Office 14 days before you depart!

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