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Step 5: Stay abroad

Studying abroad: ‘Look at the world from a different perspective’

Confirmation of arrival

You must notify your study adviser and the exchange coordinator the Mobility Office when you have arrived at your host university. Also forward your temporary address to the Mobility Office.

Changes in programme and courses

Bear in mind that changes may need to be made to the programme that you would like to follow, for example if you choose a course unit that is no longer taught at the Host University. Don’t let this put you off though, as you may discover course units that are even more fun and interesting than what you had in mind! You should discuss any changes to your study programme with your study advisor immediately to ensure that the course units you follow abroad will be recognised within your degree programme.

You must also immediately enter all such changes in your Learning Agreement (During Mobility Form) and have them approved by your host university so that the credits you gain will be recognized. Please note that every course result that is mentioned on your final Transcript of Records should be registered on your Learning agreement at some point.

You also need the During Mobility Form in order to get the remaining part of your Erasmus or Marco Polo grant, see:

To do!

The Mobility Office will also sent the During Mobility Forms to students!

To do!

A fully signed During Mobility Form should be handed in with the Mobility Office within 7 weeks after the start of the mobility period.

Halfway through your semester the Mobility Office will inform you about the other documents you need to complete upon return in order to receive the second part of the Erasmus or Marco Polo grant.

Questions during your stay abroad?

The International Office of your host university will be able to help you with most questions or problems you encounter during your stay abroad. Your host university’s website will probably also contain a lot of information.

Prolonging your stay abroad?

If you are having such a good time abroad that you wish to extend your stay with an extra semester, remember:

  • to inform at the Host's International office whether you can stay an extra semester,
  • to ask if there are courses you can sign up for in the next semester,
  • to check if you can stay in your current accommodation or need to find a new room,
  • to get approval from your study adviser and exchange coordinator to stay an extra semester,
  • that you can only stay an extra semester in the same academic year,
  • that you are not guaranteed to receive extra funding from the Erasmus+ programme or Marco Polo fund for a prolongation,
  • to check how this might affect visa regulations and regulations from other institutions such as insurance companies.

Study delay during your stay abroad?

In the event that you incur study delay during your stay abroad due to illness or personal circumstances, please report to the exchange coordinator who can inform you on the possible consequences on your Erasmus- or Marco Polo grant. Also contact your study adviser in Groningen as soon as possible in order to qualify for financial support from the Graduation Fund and to limit your study delay as much as possible.

Please check with the Host's International Office if they can offer you assistance in case of personal circumstances!

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