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Exchange outside the EU

Studying abroad: ‘Look at the world from a different perspective’

Exchange contracts

Exchange contracts outside Europe are very popular and scarce. Both the Faculty of Arts and the University of Groningen have signed contracts with a number of universities outside the EU. Multi Faculty contracts are available to students from all faculties. The Canadian Studie Centre offers exchange places in Canada, for which Bachelor students from most faculties can apply. Finally, there is the Erasmus + International Credit Mobility (ICM) which offers exchange places and scholarships for students in Europe and Asia.

Exchange outside Europe with a grant from the Marco Polo Fund

If you get selected for a university outside Europe with which the Faculty or the University has an exchange contract and you satisfy the conditions, you can apply for a grant from the Marco Polo Fund. Once you have been nominated at your host university, the Mobility Office will inform you about the Marco Polo grant application procedure.


Needless to say, you will first need to apply to get selected for an exchange. Thus please complete the online application, and for each destination add the following documents:

  • a printout of your study results (Certified list of marks)
  • an official language certificate (Please check our overview with partner universities and language requirements for more information)
  • a letter of motivation (in English and max. 1 page): A good motivation letter should tell us something about you as a student: why did you chose your study program, tell us about your extra curricular activities, and how they underline your academic skills and personal traits. Secondly we like to know why you would like to go to this specific university: what appeals to you about this country, city and specifically this university? Which courses interest you and why?
    Remember that as an outgoing exchange student you are an ambassador for the University of Groningen and the Netherlands. We consider our outgoing students to be an important factor in the appeal the University of Groningen has on future incoming exchange students or international degree seeking students!
  • Do not forget to SUBMIT, you will receive an email confirmation if your application has been received
  • Finally, check requirements thoroughly before you apply and note that there are different application procedures for the Erasmus+ ICM, Multi Faculty and Canadian Studies exchanges. . Furthermore, always include a Multi Faculty or Canadian Studies choice on the online application form from the Mobility Office and do not forget that you need to hand in the required documents (paper) for your Multi Faculty application with the Mobility Office as well!
To do!

You can still apply for an exchange in the second semester of 2018-2019. More information about the procedure can be found here.

Go to Step 3: Selection to find out how the selection works and what happens after you have been selected.

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