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How students can record their online video conversation

Date:28 November 2016
Author:André Rosendaal
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One of the things that proved to be difficult is asking students to record an online video conversation. Many students use Skype to have an online video chat, but recording this chat requires the installation of additional software that is not free. This limitation can now be overcome by using YouTube Live - as all RUG student have access to YouTube via their university account, this option is available to all of them.

Why should students record their online video chat? Well, this could be part of a telecollaboration assignment where two students are asked to perform a certain activity online, and to use the recording of that conversation as a demonstration of their skills or for reflection. E.g., a Dutch student explaining a French student about problems in the earthquake area in Groningen, and her French peer telling her in that same conversation about changes in the division of France into administrative regions. This is an example described by Sake Jager in his informative article on Telecollaboration on the eLearning website of the University.

But YouTube, that means open for all? No, it doesn't, and we would never recommend a tool that forces student-generated content to be open without limitations. By following the instructions on the ICTOL-site, students will be able to record an online chat and make it available to only those people they want to share it with.

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