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Benthe Bosma (MA CIW) about her placement at FrieslandCampina

Benthe Bosma
Benthe Bosma

For anyone thinking about doing an internship I say go for it! During my internship at FrieslandCampina I have learned more during half a year in practice than I have learned in theory. Although I had learned a lot during my studies and curricular activities where I have applied theory into practice, the real contact with marketing within a company was missing. What the actual daily activities of marketers within an FMCG-company are and what the image that I have of my dream job in correspondence with reality is, were questions that arose.

Decision for the future

The reason for applying for an internship was a logical one. I had already thought about where I see myself in 5-10 years and set out goals that I want to achieve. After attending business courses and in-house-days to get in contact with companies, I knew which companies were suited for me. However having an image of a company and job about other peoples’ experiences is different than experiencing the job within the company myself. An internship was the perfect step in the right direction.

Finding the right internship

For me there were two main requirements for doing an internship: I really wanted to learn something and I wanted to have my own responsibilities. I thought finding an internship would be very hard, however through past encounters with companies and connections, I could contact them by e-mail to ask if they had an open application for an internship. Although I did not apply for a fixed internship at companies I ended up choosing between three. The reason for me to choose the FrieslandCampina internship is because they offered a lot of responsibility within a project that I would experience from the beginning until the end. This allowed me to directly experience the result of my efforts within the same half-year, namely Campina for 3FM Serious Request.

My FC internship

Campina was the main sponsor of 3FM Serious Request in 2012. Under guidance of the project manager I was part of the project-team and also of the Campina Dagvers team. Although I was an intern, they always made me feel like a part of the team. I have been given a lot of responsibility and managed the creation of the Campina 3FM Website, the ‘Ontbijtbrigade’ with 3FM DJ’s Barend & Wijnand and the Milkbar in the market of Enschede. Next to that I developed a retail activation concept that was a big success in supermarkets, the so-called ‘Doppenspaaractie’ and managed a Campina event. I have helped in the process of POS-material of Campina 3FM Serious Request, the design of the new milk packaging and the social-media movie of Campina 3FM Serious Request. Working within such a team and with other stakeholders is such a great and useful experience; communicating with and managing different parties asks for different communication and management skills.

Best experience

Looking back I have had a great internship. Being part of such a big project has shown me all the facets of the company, from supply-chain to finance to marketing. My mentor gave all the tools I needed to develop myself and gave me the opportunity to become involved with all things of interest. I am so glad I was in an environment that made me feel comfortable to ask questions, because by asking I could gain a lot of knowledge and experience more.


1. Although a fixed suitable internship may not be available, it is always useful to contact companies for an open application by e-mail sending a letter of motivation and resume.
2. Find out which company really suits you; does the culture fit with who you are?
3. The website of companies can give you a lot of information about the company, use it in your orientation for an internship.
4. Have a pro-active attitude and try to spot opportunities, this way you can get the most out of your internship.

Campina 3FM Serious Request
Campina 3FM Serious Request
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