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Who are the study advisors for Linguistics / Clinical Linguistics?

Linguistics (Bachelor):
S. van Ooij (Sjors)
Room: 13.15.423

Linguistics (Master - Neurolinguistics):
S. van Ooij (Sjors)
Room: 13.15.423

Linguistics (Master - European Linguistics):
S. van Ooij (Sjors)
Room: 13.15.423

Linguistics (Master - Applied Linguistics / TEFL)
B.J. Seton (Bregtje)
Kamer: 1315.246

Clinical Linguistics (EMCL+):
A. Pomstra (Alice)
Room: 13.12.418

Linguistics (Master - Multilingualism):
A.L.M. Rousse-Malpat (Audrey)

Study advice in the (Clinical Linguistics) degree programme
If you need personal guidance and advice, the study advisor is your first point of contact. The study adviser acts as a counsellor and confidential advisor to students for any matters to do with their studies, and can refer you on to other organizations if necessary.

You can contact the study advisor if you have any questions about the following matters:

  • study delay
  • study progress
  • study planning
  • choice of degree programme and changing programmes
  • special facilities and performance disabilities
  • content-related aspects of the degree programme
  • transitional arrangements
  • alternative examination regulations
  • threshold regulations
  • course units followed abroad
  • admission on the basis of a foreign degree
  • information provision
  • personal circumstances
How do I make an appointment with the study advisor?
1. Online (with S. van Ooij) / Online (with B.J. Seton)
2. At the Arts Front Office, in the central hall on the first floor at the Harmony building
3. By telephone: 050 363 6050
Students of EMCL can contact the study advisor via e-mail:
Student of TEFL can also contact he stucy advisor via e-mail:

Open Office hour S. van Ooij:
Thursday 10:00-11:00
Friday 10:00- 11:00

If you have any questions or comments about other topics, please visit the Questions and Answers.

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