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Dr. Nanna Hilton and Dr. Saskia Peels new members Young Academy Groningen

15 maart 2018

The Young Academy Groningen (YAG) has appointed seven new members from diverse disciplines at the University of Groningen. From the Faculty of Arts Dr. Nanna Hilton and Dr. Saskia Peels will be welcomed to the team. All members will be officially installed in a ceremony on the evening of 1 October.

The Young Academy Groningen is a club for the University’s most talented, enthusiastic and ambitious young researchers. Its members come from all disciplines and have a passion for science and an interest in science policy, interdisciplinarity, diversity, internationalization, outreach, leadership and career development in academia.

Dr. Nanna Hilton
Dr. Nanna Hilton

Dr. Nanna Hilton

"My research is centered on language variation and change in the multilingual north of the Netherlands. Theoretically, my research places itself within the field of sociolinguistics and aims to discover how and why languages vary and change. I'm excited to join the YAG as I see it as an opportunity to create more public engagement projects with my peers for the local community. In the short term I'd like to get involved in "Gronings" landscape and culture with colleagues in the YAG and local institutions. I think the University could be more vocal about the earthquake crisis and that we can distribute our knowledge about local history and language in ways that keeps up a healthy and prosperous local community."

Dr. Saskia Peels
Dr. Saskia Peels

Dr. Saskia Peels

"I am a classicist and linguist with a research focus on Ancient Greek religion. I have just started with an NWO VENI project, on ways in which worshippers in Classical Greece conceptualized and dealt with the divine (and divine plurality) in their daily lives. I hope to shed new light on this topic by using a linguistic methodology. I am highly excited to be joining this professional network. I very much look forward to interacting with such a diverse group of academic peers: I have no doubt that these exchanges will stimulate new ways of thinking about research and hopefully result in new, truly interdisciplinary collaborations. I also think that YAG membership will provide a platform that can help me to make specific contributions to academic life in Groningen. One thing I would like to do as a YAG member is contributing to women’s empowerment within our university and in Dutch academia more generally."

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