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Humanitarian Mobile Exhibition in Groningen

18 August 2016

On 15 August-15 September, University of Groningen is hosting the Humanitarian Mobile Exhibition in the former Arts Library in the Harmonie Building. It includes a series of visual and interactive displays presenting key concepts of humanitarian action, state of humanitarian system, core themes of the World Humanitarian Summit, as well as work of the Network on Humanitarian Action and DG ECHO.

In light of the post-World Humanitarian Summit process, raising awareness about humanitarian needs and the plight of people affected by conflicts and disasters is still essential. The international community still needs to tackle current failures and make the necessary changes to improve the delivery of aid and address its underlying causes. However, without a stronger demand from the public at large for improvements of the humanitarian system at large, for changes in policies and for all States to meet their obligations according to international human rights, humanitarian and refugee laws, the opportunity will be lost. Such demands require a deeper understanding of what humanitarian action is, its main principles, tools and the challenges to respond to disasters and crises.

Objectives of the Exhibition

  • Engage and foster global solidarity and interest for disaster affected people;
  • Dispel misconceptions regarding humanitarian work and the humanitarian system;
  • Deepen global understanding of the main challenges facing disaster affected people and humanitarian work; and
  • Foster and encourage innovation in the humanitarian action sector.
Last modified:22 August 2016 2.07 p.m.

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