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Promotiearchief Faculteit der Letteren 2018

De dissertaties kunt u vinden via de bibliotheekcatalogus, waar u ook op naam kunt zoeken.

promovendus titel proefschrift (co-)promotor datum bijz.
Baack, S. Knowing what counts. How data activists and data journalists appropriate and advance datafication.

prof. dr. M.J. Broersma
prof. dr. T.A.C. Witschge

Borleffs, L.E. Cracking the code – Towards understanding, diagnosing and remediating dyslexia in Standard Indonesian. prof. dr. B.A.M. Maassen
prof. dr. F. Zwarts
Bosch, R.A.A. Stedelijke macht tussen overvloed en stagnatie. Stadsfinanciën, staatsvorming en economie in het hertogdom Gelre, ca. 1350-1550 prof. dr. D.E.H. de Boer 18-01
Focanti, L. The fragments of late antique "patria".

dr. J.W. Drijvers
prof. dr. P. Van Nuffelen (Universiteit Gent)

17-05 double doctorate
Fokken, M. Beyond being ‘koelies’ and ‘kantráki’. Constructing Hindostani identities in Suriname in the era of indenture, 1873-1921. prof. dr. C.W. Bosch
prof. dr. P. Mohammed (The University of the West Indies)
Günther-van der Meij, M.T. The impact of degree of bilingualism on L3 development. English language development in early and later bilinguals in the Frisian context.

prof. dr. W.M. Lowie
prof. dr. C.L.J. de Bot
dr. E.L. Klinkenberg (Fryske Akademy)

14-05 Franeker
Haar, A.D.M. van de The Golden Mean of Languages: Forging Dutch and French in the Early Modern Low Countries (1540-1620). prof. dr. B.A.M. Ramakers
prof. dr. A.C. van Dixhoorn (Universiteit Gent)
prof. dr. P.J. Smith (Universiteit Leiden)
Hansma, L.J. Oranje driften.Orangisme in de Nederlandse politieke cultuur (1780-1813). prof. dr. D.J. Wolffram
dr. J.W. Koopmans
Koops van 't Jagt, R. Show, don’t just tell. Photo stories to support people with limited health literacy.

prof. dr. C.J.M. Jansen
prof. dr. S.A. Reijneveld
prof. dr. J.C.J. Hoeks
dr. A.F. de Winter

Krol, J. Combative Minority Literature Writers in the Aftermath of the Great War. Douwe Kalma, Saunders Lewis, Hugh MacDiarmid and Roparz Hemon.

prof. dr. G.T. Jensma
prof. dr. G. Wiliams (Bangor University)

26-06 Leeuwarden
Kusumawati, P.N.L. Foreign direct investment, inclusive growth, and institutions in Indonesia.

prof. dr. J. Herman
prof. dr. R.L. Holzhacker

Middel, K.P. The search for self-awareness. The road to national identity on Iceland, sæc. xiii-xx. prof. dr. D.J. Wolffram 15-03
Oele, D.M. Automated Translation with Interlingual Word Representations. prof. dr. G.J.M. van Noord 15-03
Praet, R.G.L. From Rome to Constantinople. Antiquarian echoes of cultural trauma in the sixth century. dr. J.W. Drijvers
prof. dr. P. Van Nuffelen (Universiteit Gent)
17-05 double doctorate
Seuren, L.M. The interactional accomplishment of action. prof. dr. A.J. Koole
dr. M. Huiskes
Smit, P.H. Platforms of memory. Social media and digital memory work.

prof.dr. M.J. Broersma
dr. A. Heinrich

29-03 cum laude
Slootweg, T. Resistance, disruption and belonging. Electronic video in three amateur modes.

prof.dr. H.B.M. Wijfjes
dr. S.I. Aasman

Sun, Y. Engaging in politics. Everyday political talk in online China prof.dr. M.J. Broersma
dr. T. Graham (University of Leeds)
Swart, J.A.C. Haven’t you heard. Connecting through news and journalism in everyday life.

prof. dr. M.J. Broersma
prof. dr. I. Costera Meijer (VU Amsterdam)
dr. C.J. Peters (Aalborg University)

Verwaal, R.E. Fluid Bodies: Physio-logy and Chemistry in the Eighteenth-Century Boerhaave School. dr. H.G. Knoeff
prof. dr. R.M. Esser
Willemsen, S.P.M. The cognitive and hermeneutic dynamics of complex film narratives

prof. dr. E.J. Korthals Altes
dr. M. Kiss

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