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Lecture rooms

The facilities available in the lecture rooms/classrooms used for teaching at the Faculty of Arts may vary. Some rooms contain a SMART Board, while others contain a Touch screen monitor or a regular video projector. Only a few of the larger rooms contain facilities for automatically recording lectures. Below you will find an overview of the most important types of classrooms and the facilities they contain.

Universal facilities

All lecture rooms are at the very least equipped with the following facilities:

  • An instructor computer and a presentation screen
  • One or more whiteboards for writing. Some of the special presentation screens can also be written on, see SMART Board/cTouch below.
  • A connection for laptops equipped with a VGA port. The newer generation of laptops often have an HDMI port - Note that only some lecture rooms can accommodate this kind of connection! Check the lecture room overview to find out where you can connect a laptop with an HDMI port.

Work place types

Nearly all instructor computers are equipped with PWP ( Presentation WorkPlace ). The only exceptions are the computers in the three Multimedia Rooms of the Harmonie Complex, which are equipped with the standard UWP ( University WorkPlace ) as well as a Linux variant. The PWP offers two advantages:

  • The computer starts faster
  • Also accessible for guest speakers without University of Groningen account

The X:\- and Y:\-drives can be accessed via desktop icons. If you need to, you can also log in to the UWP and access all programs.

The disadvantage of PWP is that it does not give access to all programs. Since the Multimedia rooms are used for computer practicals, the instructor PC is equipped with UWP so that the lecturer has access to the same software as the students.

More information about workplaces…

Rooms with specific facilities

Read an explanation of the various types of lecture rooms and a list of rooms.

  • SMART Board/cTouch
  • Multimedia rooms
  • Automatic lecture recording
  • Video conferencing

Complete overview of all rooms

Check our overview of all lecture rooms used for Faculty of Arts teaching, including the main facilities in these rooms.

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