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Testing and assessment

Digital testing

Digital tests are tests administered using a computer. In most cases, these are digital variants of tests that are also administered using pen and paper (multiple-choice, essay), but it is also possible to include assignments that make use of special software such as Excel or SPSS. This option is not available at all testing locations.

Testing in Blackboard

Lecturers can use tests (in Nestor: ‘Tests’) to assess students’ knowledge and monitor their progress. Every test is linked to a grade in the Nestor Grade Centre. Surveys (in Nestor: ‘Surveys’) are used to collect student information. Surveys are equivalent to tests, but without credits and grades. A Question Pool is a collection of questions, or ‘item bank’.

Questionmark Perception

QMP (Questionmark Perception) is an assessment system primarily used for tests with closed questions (such as multiple-choice), whereby the questions can be reused for a number of consecutive years. In QMP the items are placed in an online item bank from which test questions are selected. This item bank is organized in such a way that the items can only be accessed by authorized lecturers.

Preparing tests with Respondus

Respondus is a tool that makes it possible to relatively quickly put together a test and administer it via Blackboard. You can create your test questions directly in Respondus, or create questions in MS Word and import them to Respondus. In both cases once you have entered the questions, you can upload the test to Blackboard. Respondus is located in the UWP, but it can also be installed for home use.

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