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Interactive classroom

As a lecturer, you have a number of options for using IT in your lectures. PowerPoint presentations, which by now can be regarded as a ‘traditional’ mode of instruction, primarily support classroom-based teaching in which the lecturer transfers information. Below you will find a number of alternative options that you may find useful in innovative forms of teaching.

Interactive screens

Interactive screens are screens that are touch-sensitive: you can operate the screen by clicking on it with your fingers or a special pen. This operating system replaces the mouse. With large presentation screens, this means that the lecturer can stand next to or in front of the screen and interact directly with the classroom rather than being hunched over his/her PC. It is also possible to write on these digital blackboards.


NetSupportSchool is a program that supports students working individually, in small groups or with the entire class in a room equipped with computers. The applications most frequently used during seminars include displaying the instructor screen on all student screens, blocking the student computers, transferring files and collecting assignments. NetSupportSchool can also be used for digital testing, for instance to block websites or collect exam assignments.


You can use PollEverywhere during a lecture to ask students to answer questions via their smartphone, tablet or laptop. The answers can be used to assess the students’ prior knowledge or as an indication of their grasp of the material explained. The interactive presentation can be used as part of the flipped classroom . The University of Groningen has purchased a PollEverywhere license. Extensive information about PollEverywhere can be found on the UG Edusupport website.

Creating a new PollEverywhere question.
Creating a new PollEverywhere question.
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