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Listen to the Voices of Women during a walking concert in the city

When:Th 01-12-2022
Where:City centre Groningen

On Thursday 1 December, the Voices of Women walking concert will take place: three performances spread across two locations in the city of Groningen, featuring music written and performed by women.

Basement café Merlot

The first performance, entitled ‘The Trail of the Wolf’, will take place in basement café Merlot on the Oosterstraat and will be performed by singer Renske de Boer and saxophonist Gabija Bartulyte. The performance will begin at 7.30 p.m. and will last approximately 45 minutes.


After the first performance, concert-goers will walk through the city centre of Groningen to the Akerk, at the Akerkhof. This is where the performance ‘40 Ways of Being (a Woman)’ will take place at 8.30 p.m., performed by Andrea Guterres, cellist Wilma Pistorius, singer Viola Blache, and organist Elisabeth Hubmann.

The evening will end with the performance ‘Into the Unknown: Duets for Mezzo Sopranos’, performed by mezzosopranos Lena Haselmann and Bettina Smith, accompanied by Lise K. Meling on the harpsichord.

Registration and admissions fee

You can register for one or both locations. Admission to the performance at basement café Merlot is free. The admissions fee for the performances in the Akerk is €10, which can be paid in cash at the door or via a QR payment link. You can register for the performances via this form.

About Voices of Women

The concert is organized by the Voices of Women research project, an initiative by researchers at various European universities including the UG, with the aim of allowing the voices of female musicians to be heard and to give them a place in the canon. The first conference of the project, entitled ‘Voices of Women: Materialities, Cultural Transfer, and Musical Authorship’, will take place on 1 and 2 December in Groningen.

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