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Dutch Higher Education Guide (Keuzegids) 2020: Humanities are coming in strong at the UG

27 November 2019

Seven University of Groningen (UG) B achelor’s degree programmes have been awarded the ‘Top Degree Programme’ quality seal by the Dutch Higher Education Guide for Universities (Keuzegids) 2020, placing them among the top in Dutch academic education. Two degree programmes, offered at the Faculty of Arts, are in the top five of the best-assessed university Bachelor’s degree programmes: Archaeology and Minorities & Multilingualism. Usually, the UG and Radboud University alternate each year between first and second place in the category ‘Broad-based General University’. This year, the UG comes in fourth place.

The Dutch Higher Education Guide for Universities 2020 has awarded the ‘Top Degree Programme’ seal to Bachelor’s degree programmes that earned a total score of at least 76 points. Of 64 degree programmes around the country that were awarded this label, three belong to the Faculty of Arts. The three top Faculty of Arts Bachelor’s degree programmes according to this threshold are: Minorities & Multilingualism (88), English Language and Culture (84). The 90 points acquired by Archaeology is an exceptional achievement, and it makes it the best Bachelor's programme at the UG.

The other top-rated programmes are Global Responsibility and Leadership (84), Theology (78), Religious studies (78) and Liberal Arts and Sciences (76). It is notable that almost all of the seven top-rated programmes belong to the Humanities. In total, 50 UG Bachelor’s degree programmes were assessed, giving the UG the second highest number of Bachelor’s degree programmes across all 14 Dutch universities.

Harmony Building
Harmony Building

About the Dutch Higher Education Guide

The Dutch Higher Education Guide for Universities 2020 was published on Wednesday 27 November. The guide shows off new statistics regarding study success, new expert and student assessments of all university Bachelor’s degree programmes and information about the feasibility of a degree programme and its language of instruction. The Dutch Higher Education Guide for Universities is published annually by the Centre for Higher Education Information (CHOI; Centrum Hoger Onderwijs Informatie) and is intended for school pupils and deans who want to inform themselves about university Bachelor’s degree programmes. The assessments provided in the guide are based on student evaluations (National Student Survey 2019), data from the national degree programme database Studiekeuze123 and visitation reports by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO). There is a separate guide for Master’s degree programmes.

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