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Inaugural lecture Prof. Pablo Valdivia: The Fictions of the Tribe and the New Humanities

23 November 2018

On Tuesday 27 November 2018 at 4.15 p.m. Prof. Pablo Valdivia will be holding his inaugural lecture: 'The Fictions of the Tribe and the New Humanities'. The University of Groningen has appointed him to the Chair in European Culture and Literature at the Faculty of Arts.

Prof. Pablo Valdivia

The Fictions of the Tribe and the New Humanities

In a recent article published in October 2018 under the title of “How Melvyn Bragg made high culture highly popular”, The Economist stated that while Globalization has divided our societies into winners and losers, social media has divided the population into solipsistic tribes. Maybe these words could be considered as part of a too broad assertion. However, it is possible to agree that social media has proven to have an effect different to the one that was initially expected. Instead of improving our channels for listening to the other and for being exposed to ideas we might not agree with (which is at the base of the principles of any democratic culture) social media has efficiently created bubbles: actually as many compartmentalized bubbles as there are users.

In this inaugural lecture, Prof. Pablo Valdivia will elaborate on what he believes is the key problem of our contemporary society, the cultural tribalization of our societies, and the manner in which what he calls the “New Humanities” is ready to help, the solutions literary scholars can bring to the table of our societal challenges and how the study of literature as a “transformative research-based” discipline has the potential to bring hope where there is currently despair. Recently, Prof. Pablo Valdivia has won the Lecturer of the Year Elections of the Faculty of Arts.


To attend the inaugural lecture, please register at the latest one week in advance by returning the replycard or by filling out the registration form.


To follow this lecture online via livestream, please follow the instructions:

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