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Cultural activities Groningen 4-10 May

03 May 2018

Friday, 4 May: Remembrance of the Dead (Martinikerkhof) + band

On the 4th of May, we commemorate all soldiers and civilians who have lost their lives in the Kingdom of the Netherlands and anywhere in the world in violent conflict and peace missions since the outbreak of World War II in 1939. The citizens of Groningen are appealed to partake in this process of commemoration.

FLEURS DU MAL are a famous music group from Rome (Italy). Founded in 1984, the band plays a diverse mix of Rock, Blues, Swing, Rhythm & Blues, Funk and Latin Rock with texts being in English, Spanish, and Italian. FLEURS DU MAL are performing at 21:30 in Lola on the 4thof May and admission is free.

Saturday, 5 May: Party

In 2018, it is 73 years since the occupation of the Netherlands through Nazi Germany has come to an end. This is celebrated with a music festival that will host international, national, and local acts on different stages. You simply have to be in Groningen on Liberation Day!

On Saturday, the 5th of May, we will once again celebrate our freedom in the Stadspark. The Liberation Day festival Groningen hosts 50 acts on six different stages whilst other activities with the theme Give Freedom will also be held around the Stadspark. Admission is free. Acts include artists such as Ronnie Flex, Triggerfinger, and Aurora and Frenna. The full program can be found here:

Sunday, 6 May: Shopping (Vismarkt)

The market Dingen 050 (summer market) is perfect for all lovers of art, vinyl, books, curiosities, antiquities, clothing, and other peculiar items. Whilst the summer market mainly focuses on second-hand, antique and vintage goods, it also provides opportunities to producers of industrial and DIY-design. In recent years, more and more graphic artists have also found their way to the summer market. There will be six markets in total with up to 80 different stands.

Tuesday 8 May: Film (Vera, 20:00, €5,-)

Ghullam, Keiber and Noori were minors when they fled from Afghanistan to the Netherlands without their parents. Now they have been living in a derelict demolition block near Maastricht for years, while waiting for a residence permit. Three pensioners from Maastricht are concerned about their fate and help the boys with legal advice, distraction and daily groceries.

Wednesday 9 May: Art (Groninger Museum)

David LaChapelle (1963) began his illustrious career taking pictures for Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine. His innovative approach quickly established LaChapelle as one of the world’s most influential photographers. His spectacular, colourful, and often controversial portraits of celebrities have become iconic archetypes of our generation. This first large-scale solo museum show in the Netherlands will feature more than 70 works, highlighting areas of the artist’s oeuvre, from portraiture, still life, landscapes and tableaux.

Thursday 10 May: Theatre (Grand Theatre, 19:00, €6,-)

Last year award winning Brazilian director Leonardo Moreira worked at Grand Theatre on Calypso: The Disappearance of Love, a part of Leonardo’s new Odisseia project. In May Moreira is back to present the full performance. Cia. Hiato’s Odisseia is primarily about other people.

The story

The group divided the poem in seven investigations that correspond to a certain character in the Odyssey: Telemachus, his abandoned son; Penelope, his waiting wife; the nymph Calypso, who offered him her immortality and endless love; the witch Circe, who guided him until the world of the dead; Odysseus’s many shipmates who died before they could make it home; the countless slaves in Odysseus’s house, many of whom are never named; the goddess Athena, who architected a war on his behalf.

Different characters and actors tell their own inset and personal stories – some true, some false, dreams, memories and doubts. Similar to the poem, the play weaves and unweaves a multilayered narrative that is both simple and artful in its patterning and composition. In Odisseia you experience twenty years of adventures, events and emotions in five hours time. Let Cia. Hiato take you on an intimate and at the same time overwhelming journey!

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