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The Promised Land

‘Het Land van Belofte’ (The Promised Land) brings you to the grotesque story world of medieval pilgrims traveling to the Holy Land. No other place captures the imagination of medieval pilgrim travellers as much as Palestine and the Middle East. Pilgrims returned home with the most wondrous stories. Inspired by these stories, in this historical performance you are challenged to put yourself in the shoes of a group of people in a dinner setting from some five hundred years ago. You hear and see what we assume the audience heard and saw then, as we cannot know for sure.

The founders of theater group De Kale want to share with you the fantasy, the amazement and the humor of the medieval play that the play is based on.

The performance is part of a research project that aims to find out how today's audiences experience this kind of historical performance. If you visit the performance, you can participate in this research.

This performance will be in Dutch. More information about location and registration will be announced mid August.

Performed by Bart Ramakers and theater group De Kale.

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