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Islam and Violence: the case of the Islamic State


From 9/11 until the Islamic State: over the last years, much violence has been committed in name of Islam. In media and politics Islam is often topic of fierce debate: whereas some people criticize Islam as a violence ideology, others argue that Islam is inherently peaceful and that the violence has primarily other, non-religious causes. What do scholars say about the complex relationship between Islam and violence? Is Islam a violent religion? Why are there so many armed conflicts in the Muslim world? In this presentation, Pieter Nanninga will address these questions by focusing on the case of the Islamic State.

Why should you not miss out on this lecture?

Are you interested in religion, the Middle East and terrorism? Do you have a strong opinion regarding Islam, or do you not know what to think about it? This presentation presents some ideas about these themes, but it also stimulates further reflection about the prominent and relevant topics.


Pieter Nanninga Pieter Nanninga is Assistant Professor in Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Groningen. He teaches on Islam and on conflicts in the contemporary Middle East. His research focuses on jihadism, propaganda and violence. Over the last few years, he has studied the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria in particular.
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