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Manou Jonink

English Literature and Culture

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Why English Liturature and Culture?

From 2014 to 2017 I was a Bachelor student here at the University of Groningen in the English Language and Culture programme. I decided to continue with a Masters programme in English Literature, because the skills I acquired while studying literature in context, and analysing texts closely, have proven useful in a broad variety of situations. I was eager to continue to develop literary interpretative skills, and to continue studying topics that I had really enjoyed in my Bachelor programme.

Compelling, challenging and satisfying

The Masters programme allows students to choose topics that will help them research the historical periods or themes which appeal to them in a lot of depth. If you enjoy studying in your favourite chair with an intriguing text in your lap, then this is the study for you. Courses often include around three hours of interactive classes each per week, and the reading and assignments are mostly done outside of class. If I had to summarise my Masters programme in three words, I would say that it is compelling, challenging, and satisfying.

Why Groningen?

I chose the University of Groningen because Groningen is a beautiful, open, and social city, one where I feel right at home. Luckily, the literary studies at the University of Groningen always do really well in university rankings, so this made my decision very easy. The English department is a very welcoming one, and the teachers are not only experts in many interesting fields, they are also very kind and open. For all these reasons I would without any doubts recommend my Masters programme to others.

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