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Manon van Egmond

Cultural Leadership

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Why this Master's Degree?

My name is Manon van Egmond and I am 22 years old. I am a first-year student in the research master track Cultural Leadership. I have chosen this master because it combines theory and practice and offers a wide range of perspectives on the cultural field. I also like that there are students with different backgrounds and bachelor degrees.

Explore Your Interests

The research master track consists of two years. For the first semester we are allowed 20 EC to choose courses that are related to our backgrounds and our fields of interest. I have put my focus on courses about arts policy, education and theatre. I am very happy with my choices and the ability to explore my interests further. The second semester will be split between courses in Groningen and courses in Rome. I am very excited about the opportunity to travel during my studies. In the second year we will do a research traineeship and write our thesis.

The Workload

On average I spent 12 hours a week in classes and put in approximately 25 hours of self-study. Besides regular study activities, the research master track also allows the students to take a significant part in its promotion and organization. Currently some students are helping by working on the quality of the program, the promotion of seminars and of course by being a master ambassador.

Broad, Personalised, and Fulfilling

All in all, for me this research master track is broad, personalised and fulfilling. As a bonus, you get to spend most of your two years at a great university in the beautiful city of Groningen which has a vibrant culture and student life. If this sounds interesting to you, we will hopefully see you at one of the master events or next year as a new student of the research master track of Cultural Leadership.

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