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Jurand Haveman


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Theoretical and Practical

I chose Multilingualism as my Master s track as I have been interested in languages for a long time. This study focuses especially on multilingualism from a social perspective such as linguistic minorities, language change, contact linguistics and language policy and planning. Next to this, I chose this study as it focuses more on the practical sides. There are excursions to events and institutions that deal with multilingual settings and in these excursions you get to experience in which ways multiple languages are used. Doing an internship is also possible in the second semester where you can get more work experience.

A Challenging Degree

I think the master is challenging as it makes you think about multilingualism in different perspectives. I would say it is a full-time study as the pace of studying is quite high. I certainly study around 40 hours per week. However, I don t mind the work load that much as I really like the topics that we discuss in class. The program of the first semester is very fixed with the planned excursions and the weekly classes. The second semester will consist of your internship or another course at the RUG and your Master s thesis.

Unique in its Kind

I chose to do this study as I think the program is unique in its kind. The program takes place in Leeuwarden, a bilingual province with multilingual practices. Unfortunately, I actually started this program one year early as in 2018 Leeuwarden will be European Capital of Culture. Definitely check outL ân fan Taal’, a program concerning multilingualism!

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