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Janna Bots

International Relations: International Political Economy

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Why this Master's Degree?

My name is Janna Bots and I am a 22-year-old master s student International Relations and International Organizations (IRIO) with a specialization in International Political Economy (IPE). The reason I chose this master is because I have always been interested in the relationship between politics and economics and how politics is affected by and affects the economy. Furthermore, doing the bachelor IRIO at the University of Groningen has made me interested in digging deeper into the questions of IPE, and the interdisciplinary the bachelor offered me is something that also attracts me in the master.

Challenging, Deepening, and Multidisciplinary

To summarize the master in 3 words; challenging, deepening and multidisciplinary. The master broadens your knowledge about the theories and topics related to IR and especially teaches you to think critically. The specialisation in IPE offers me the right combination of global issues seen from an economic as well as political perspective and teaches you the interconnectivity that exists between the economic realm and the political realm in International Affairs.

The Workload

I have 12 hours of class a week and next to that the readings usually take about 25 hours a week. This makes the master a fulltime one with an, in total, 37 hours of studying a week. It is a one-year master of 60 ECTS, of which the first semester is 30 ECTS and consists of classes at the university. In the second semester, you have the possibility to do an internship for 10 ECTS and you write your master thesis which makes up 20 ECTS.

Broaden Your Knowledge

The reason I would recommend the master IRIO at the University of Groningen is because it gives you the possibility to broaden your knowledge and explore yourself as a researcher in IR, while at the same time spending time abroad or at a ministry, doing an internship. Besides, Groningen is a wonderful student city and the best if you want to study in the Netherlands!

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