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Daniel Cintra Brandão

Master Ambassador International Political Economy
Daniel Cintra Brandão

Hello! My name is Daniel Cintra Brandão, I am a master’s degree student pursuing a diploma in International Political Economy - International Relations. I chose the course at the University of Groningen not only for its academic reputation, but because it offers a variety of different tracks within International Relations, meaning that the student is able to very much fit the course into their interests. The International Political Economy track, for instance, is very interdisciplinary, still you are able to focus on what you really like, being migration, sustainability or financial aspects. Many of my friends and colleagues from my own track have notoriously distinct classes from my own, which to me shows the specialization opportunities you get in the program. Besides, I feel that the classes are very well thought through and professors are very knowledgeable and approachable. In sum, my academic experience has been great so far.

Another strong feature of the program is the possibility of getting a placement – internship – in your second semester. This can be done basically anywhere in the world and it provides students with a hands own experience. I like the amount of agency the university deposits on its students. Moreover, there are a lot of extracurricular activities, as an example, there is the Honours Programme, which teaches students leadership skills – and grants them extra credits. The Master’s Degree in International Relations does match my expectations and I believe it compliments effectively my previous academic experience. I would strongly recommend the University of Groningen for your advanced studies. I would be glad to answer any specific inquiries you might have!

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