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Giacinto Bottone


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Why Journalism?

I am Giacinto Bottone, I am from Venezuela and I have been living in The Netherlands since 2014 when I came here to do my bachelor in Arts Culture and Media at the University of Groningen. Currently, I am doing the English track of the Master in Journalism at the same University. My main interest for journalist came from my passion for movies, especially my interest in film criticism. However, being from Venezuela I have experienced many situations in which the importance and necessity of journalism are highlighted and put in question, which make me expand my interest on the field.

Practice and theory

The Master in journalism at the University of Groningen is a complete master mixing both the practical and the theory aspect of the profession. So, it not only prepares you for an academic track but also trains you as a journalist in the field, with tight deadlines and weekly stories. This, mixed with the fact that the master trains you in many areas like radio, TV or writing made the decision to chose this master much easier. It is a very demanding master, and you will be expected to take at least 40 hours a week for it, sometimes even more.

Meet other cultures!

The University of Groningen offers a diverse environment and the journalism master is not an exception. Not only the professors come from all over the world but in the English track you share the classroom with several other cultures, which makes the experience so much more gratifying, so you also get a taste of different customs and traditions.

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