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Shirin Saïd

Educational Master English Language and Culture

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Even though I had gotten a lot of information about this programme when choosing a Master’s degree, I was pleasantly surprised with what it offered me. This Master is so diverse. You can choose courses from different programmes, for example English Literature & Culture, Writing Editing and Mediating, and Applied Linguistics. This allows you to create your own path and to specialize more in that which you value and find interesting. Personally, I have chosen many courses from Aplied Linguistics, as I find it useful to know how a second language is learned and to apply the knowledge to my own classes. This is why I find the Master especially useful as it equips you with not only teaching skills but also more knowledge of your choosing that could shape you as a teacher.

The Master so far is very interesting and offers me exactly what knowledge I want. The professors are all specialized in different fields and they organize guest lectures from professors from all over the world. Tom Roeper from the University of Massachussets (UMass), for instance, gave a very interesting class on, among other things, the logic of learnability. Because of this, the university provides you with the best possible education you could wish for.

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